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Business and government infra-structure developments place huge demands on mother earth in the form of new and improved road networks and land excavations in the mining and industrial sectors.

Despite all the good intentions and efforts companies and government put into rehabilitation of land during and after construction work is undertaken, many rehabilitation systems and practices are not sustainable. Inclement weather often results in work having to be re-done because of water and wind erosion.

Grassnet is a novel solution to land rehabilitation. Grassnet is a knitted mesh net incorporating horizontal tubes which accommodate sand, compost and seeds. It is sold in 1,5m x 50m roll lengths. The horizontal tubes are filled with the correct growing medium by means of an electrically driven auger filling machine.

During the filling process, Grassnet is simultaneously lowered down the working incline or slope and positioned in place. The Grassnet is anchored in place to stabilise the net and ground surface below the net.

Knittex Grassnet
Knittex Grassnet

Rehabilitation Projects

The main issues to take into consideration when rehabilitation projects are undertaken are:

  • Gradient of slopes / inclines
  • Accessibility
  • Land space availability
  • Residential areas and related health regulations
  • Water erosion
  • Wind erosion and dust
  • Safety
  • Costs
Knittex Grassnet
Knittex Grassnet

Grassnet Benefits

The use of Grassnet will satisfy all the above mentioned issues when considering the rehabilitation of roadside embankments, dam walls, riverbeds and mine dumps due to the following benefits:

  • Immediate dust control
  • Immediate ground cover colouring (aesthetics)
  • Stabilises surface areas
  • Stops wind erosion
  • Restricts soil erosion
  • Containment of growing medium and seeds
  • Soil moisture retention
  • Gives grass and vegetation time to establish and develop a deep root system
  • Traps seeds during the reproduction stage
  • Provides an environment for seed germination
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Specifications

Grassnet Technical Specifications

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